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A resource for contemporary fine art

A resource for contemporary fine art

A resource for contemporary fine artA resource for contemporary fine art

Karen Kemball Gaines received her MFA from Yale School of Art. Her clear interest as a photographer is people and their environment. She has a keen eye for ironic and interesting juxtapositions. Using the hand camera, she responds quickly to the changing world.

The portfolio at Inquiry Art Gallery focusses on her digital work in the early 2000's, in which she fused black and white and color in an interesting way; the nominal subject remains in color while the rest of the image is completely de-saturated. Oddly enough, this feels quite natural and familiar; perhaps our perception works in a similar fashion.

The other unusual aspect of the portfolio is it's printing. Whereas most digital prints are made on papers coated specifically for inkjet, whether they be photo papers or fine art papers, these prints were made by Edward Fausty on a plain fine art paper used by printmakers called Rives BFK. Here the ink is not held  to the surface of the print. It absorbs into the paper creating a softness and a very natural feeling of paper and ink together.

Karen now resides in Miami Beach, Florida. We are looking forward to the images that result.

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