Mission Statement

Our mission at Inquiry is to address a need in our community for art in pursuit of discovery. Our motivation for showing work is, through the curatorial process, to celebrate an artist’s vision and craft, and to encourage a lively dialog about them.

Collections & Services

Of course, we do hope to find homes for the art that we show. But we are not merely selling objects as home decor; we hope to engage with collectors who seek meaning and a deepening experience of themselves and their world, to broaden our artists’ exposure, and introduce and guide those who are interested in starting art collections of their own.

At Inquiry, our walls are important, but not exclusively so. We offer numerous portfolios and collections of work in our flat files to examine. So in a sense we have multiple shows simultaneously. This is why we have chosen as our main focus photographs and works on paper rather than space-hungry painting and sculpture, wonderful as they are.


The gallery was co-founded January, 2018.

Although Inquiry is a new venture at this time, it’s co-owners are not by any means new to the field. Donna Compton has run the Compton Gallery in its several incarnations in the area, and has been a strong advocate for artists. She is also an accomplished photographer and printer.

Edward Fausty has long experience producing and exhibiting his own photographs and printing his own and others’ work. He has curated two large group exhibits at Victory Hall in Jersey City and ran the Learning Spirit Gallery there.

Compton and Fausty share a common wish to contribute to the cultural well-being of our micro and macro community.

Please feel free to visit and explore with us.