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A resource for contemporary fine art

A resource for contemporary fine art

A resource for contemporary fine artA resource for contemporary fine art

Elizabeth Harington 's etchings combine inspiration and technical mastery.  They seem to have a power to evoke an unusual mixture of extremes, from intricate rhythms to robust and singular force not unlike the music of J.S. Bach. Their musicality is no accident; much of her work specifically originates from her intimate understanding of Bach, and is very often named for specific Bach pieces. One grouping of work in this show comes out of Bach's Two-Part Inventions; another from the Preludes and Fugues.

In addition to being an artist and a musician/student of J.S. Bach, Harington has been a lifelong student of Vedanta, a south asian Indian spiritual path. As if the power of Bach's music were not enough, there is a distinct sense of another similar force in at least some of  these prints; that of the rising of what is sometimes referred to as Kundalini, the spiritual energy released when obstructions are removed and the mind and body are open.